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Kubernetes Best Practices for Enhanced Cluster Efficiency

With containerization quickly changing architectural patterns of application development, the Kubernetes platform continues to be its flag-bearer. Based on Forrester’s 2020 Container Adoption Survey, roughly 65% of surveyed organizations are already using, or are planning to use, container orchestration tools as part of their IT transformation strategy. In all likelihood, the popularity of Kubernetes will […]

Are You Following These Jenkins Best Practices?

The need for seamless collaboration has driven us closer to the best possible orchestration tools around, specifically Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery (CD) tools. Amongst all the competition, Jenkins has emerged with a unanimous popular vote! In fact, it is so popular that it is the go-to DevOps automation tool for many software development […]

Docker’s Next Chapter: Our First Year

2020 has been quite the year. Pandemic, lockdowns, virtual conferences and back-to-back Zoom meetings. Global economic pressures, confinement and webcams aside, we at Docker have been focused on delivering what we set out to do when we announced Docker’s Next Chapter: Advancing Developer Workflows for Modern Apps last November 2019. I wish to thank the […]

Docker V2 Github Action is Now GA

Docker is happy to announce the GA of our V2 Github Action. We’ve been working with @crazy-max over the last few months along with getting feedback from the wider community on how we can improve our existing Github Action. We have now moved from our single action to a clearer division and advanced set of […]