Many organisations uncover mountains of technical debt during their migration to the cloud. But what is technical debt and how can DevOps help us deal with it? In this post, we discuss five ways DevOps can turn your technical debt mountain into a molehill!  

What is technical debt?

Technical debt is the accumulation of sub-optimal technical decisions made over the lifetime of an application. Eventually, it gets harder and harder to change things: it’s the ‘sand in the gears’ that sees IT initiatives grind to a halt. 

For example, poor state management in an application can make a horizontal scaling strategy harder to implement. Before you can do what you really want to do (horizontally scale your application so you can deal with increasing traffic) you need to re-write the state management portion of the code. The effort taken to ‘do what’s needed before you can do what you want’ is technical debt. 

It is worth pointing out that technical…


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