Do you know what airplanes, rockets, submarines, and blue-green deployments have in common? They all go to great lengths to prevent failures. And they do that using redundancy.

We’ve talked before about the generalities of blue-green deployments in another post. Today, I’d like to get into the gory details and see how we can create a CI/CD pipeline that deploys a Kubernetes application using the blue-green methodology.

The gist of blue-green deployments is to have two identical environments, conventionally called blue and green, to do continuous, risk-free updates. This way, users access one while the other receives updates.

Blue-green deployments at glance
Blue-green deployments at a glance

Blue and green take turns. On each cycle, we deploy new versions into the idle environment, test them, and finally switch routes so all users can start using it. With this method, we get three benefits:

  • We test in a real production environment.
  • Users don’t experience any downtime.
  • We can rollback in an…


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