Docker has become the defacto standard when it comes to container-based implementations. From small scale implementations to large scale enterprise applications, docker serves as the base for container-based orchestration.

Docker gained so much popularity and adoption in the DevOps community in a short time because of the way it’s developed for portability and designed for modern microservice architecture.

In this blog you will learn,

  1. Container evolution and the underlying concept of Linux Containers
  2. What really is a container and what Linux features make it work.
  3. The difference between a process, container, and a VM
  4. Learn about Docker and see why Docker is very useful and different from other container technologies.
  5. Docker core architecture and its key components

The idea here is to get your basics right so that you understand what Docker really is and how it works.

Evolution of Containers

If you think containerization is a new technology, it is not. Google has been using its…


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