Checking Your Current Docker Pull Rate Limits and Status

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Continuing with our move towards consumption-based limits, customers will see the new rate limits for Docker pulls of container images at each tier of Docker subscriptions starting from November 2, 2020. 

Anonymous free users will be limited to 100 pulls per six hours, and authenticated free users will be limited to 200 pulls per six hours. Docker Pro and Team subscribers can pull container images from Docker Hub without restriction as long as the quantities are not excessive or abusive.

In this article, we’ll take a look at determining where you currently fall within the rate limiting policy using some command line tools.

Determining your current rate limit

Requests to Docker Hub now include rate limit information in the response headers for requests that count towards the limit. These are named as follows:

  • RateLimit-Limit    
  • RateLimit-Remaining

The RateLimit-Limit header contains the total number of pulls that can be performed within a six hour window. The…


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