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Docker Certifications: A Brief Introduction

Docker is an important tool for DevOps developers who use this platform to create faster, leaner, more agile objects, programs and code using containers. Containerization is a process that allows a developer to create a development environment in which configurations and customizations are designed into the container environment, ensuring peak performance of applications and resulting […]

Top Agile Certifications of 2020

There’s no doubt about it: Agile is a critical IT methodology that’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, research proves that Agile is the new norm, with a majority of enterprises primarily using it. That’s why it’s no surprise that there is high demand for IT professionals who possess the knowledge needed to spearhead […]

State of Kubernetes in 2020

As more and more businesses begin to utilize Kubernetes, many have questions about the current state of Kubernetes, the benefits and challenges that come with it, and what to expect next. With that in mind, two major surveys were conducted to comprehensively evaluate Kubernetes usage, looking at, among other things, volume, benefits, challenges, deployment, and […]

State of Java in 2020

Java is a popular programming language for enterprise businesses. In fact, in both 2018 and 2019, almost 63% of Java programmers exclusively programmed in Java. That speaks to the popularity of the language that can be used for everything from web applications to back-end development. In 2020, unforeseen challenges have shifted enterprise business leaders from […]

State of Containers in 2020

Organizations are looking to their IT department more than ever for finding ways to improve output and maximize potential. This should come as no surprise given the rapid advancement of technology and the amazing capabilities offered by modern tools and services. Containerization is rapidly becoming an essential piece of the IT puzzle as more organizations […]

The State of SRE in 2020

When it emerged within Google, the original idea of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) was that about 50% of the work of site reliability engineers (SREs) would focus on operations and the other 50% on development. However, a recent report by Catchpoint looking at data from early 2020 shows that this expectation is no longer the […]


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