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What Is Canary Deployment?

In another post, we talked about blue-green deployments. In this one, we’ll learn about another deployment strategy, which shares the same advantages but is less risky and often leads to better insights. Continuous integration has changed the way we develop software. But a CI environment is different from production, and synthetic tests are not always […]

What Is Blue-Green Deployment?

Practiced by the likes of Amazon for more than a decade, blue-green is a proven and safe method for continuous software deployment. Have your users ever experienced downtime caused by a buggy release? Have you ever been called on a weekend to roll back an upgrade? Do you usually have to wake up at insane […]

Continuous Integration with Deno

Node has gained a lot of popularity since it was introduced in 2009. Despite its success, Ryan Dahl, Node’s original creator, believes there’s room for improvement, and so he has recently released Deno, a new runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript, as its successor. How is Deno different? Well, Deno, like Node, uses the V8 engine […]


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