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November 15, 2020
Nexus Installation


  • You already have an AWS EC2 LINUX 2 ( minimum size t2.medium) Instance Up and Running
  • The Security Groups in your instance has the 8081 PORT open
  • You already SSH or PUTTY into your instance


Download link from Sonatype nexus:

Download link for the latest LINUX version:

1 Year Subscription

Step 1: Nexus requires Java to run. The minimum version is Java 8, so let’s install it:

sudo yum -y install java-1.8.0-openjdk

Step 2: Verify that Java was installed successfully:

java -version

Step 3: Change directory to the OPT directory, where we are going to install Nexus

cd /opt

Step 4: Download the latest Nexus 3 build tar file

sudo wget

Step 5: Unzip the file

sudo tar -xf latest-unix.tar.gz

Note: Copy the Nexus build version extracted by the tar command. 

Step 6: Rename the tar file to make it easier to use, using the latest Nexus build from the last command

sudo mv nexus-X.XX.X-XX nexus3

e.g. sudo mv nexus-3.28.1-01 nexus3

Step 7: Change the Permissions of the Nexus directories, so we can run them with our ec2-user

sudo chown -R ec2-user:ec2-user /opt/nexus3
sudo chown -R ec2-user:ec2-user  /opt/sonatype-work

Step 8: Instruct Nexus to use the ec2-user to run Nexus by updating the nexus.rc file. Add the “ec2-user” and remove the “#” from the file:

sudo vi /opt/nexus3/bin/nexus.rc

Step 9:  Now, let’s configure Nexus as a Service. The first step is to create a soft link for the Nexus3 in our /etc/init.d/ directory

sudo ln -s /opt/nexus3/bin/nexus /etc/init.d/nexus

Step 10:  Change directory to the init.d directory so that we can configure chkconfig

cd /etc/init.d

Step 11: Add Nexus to chkconfig

sudo chkconfig --add nexus

Step 12: Enable Nexus to start on reboot

sudo chkconfig nexus on

Step 13: Now we can start the Nexus Server

sudo service nexus start

Step 14: Verify Nexus is running by checking the status:

sudo service nexus status

Step 15: Open your local browser and enter


Step 16: To get the initial password, open or cat your initial admin password file:

Nexus unlock screen
Nexus admin password

cat /opt/sonatype-work/nexus3/admin.password
nexus get initial password


Did this worked for you? If so, kindly asking that you share this post so that others can complete their Nexus installation as well.

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