13 JavaScript Testing Best Practices You Should Know

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JavaScript allows complete freedom when it comes to developing web applications.Period! Using JavaScript provides enhanced functionality to your site and helps you adopt the latest web design trends while ensuring a great user experience.

However, this freedom often comes at a cost – you need to amplify the efforts of testing your application for potential bugs. Leveraging automation testing to test JavaScript code can help you scale faster, easier while offering reliability.

Automation testing comes with its own set of challenges – test flakiness, scalability, reliability,etc. These challenges can outrun the overall purpose of testing. Implementation of readable and scalable test code often results in higher test coverage, minimal breakage, and enhanced team collaboration.

As per StackoverFlow Developer Survey 2020, JavaScript is one of the widely used programming languages; a coveted rank that it has held for the 8th year in a row! To make the most out of features offered…


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