4 reasons to get Kubernetes-certified, and 4 reasons not to

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Container orchestration with Kubernetes is one of the most in-demand skills in technology today, but it is also hard, with many IT professionals deciding to pursue certifications to prove their chops. But are these certifications worth the time and money?

The answer to that question will of course depend on the individual and their unique goals, but what is certain is that certifications can be a useful way to open doors to a new career path.

“Demand and salaries for highly-skilled and qualified tech talent are fiercer than ever, and certifications present a clear pathway for IT professionals to further their careers,” Dave Walters, CTO at tech hiring specialist Hired, told InfoWorld.

As competition for cloud-native talent remains fierce, “recruiters are increasingly prioritizing skills over pedigree,” Walters said. “Candidates with strong certifications can not only validate their IT skills, strengthen their résumés, and set themselves apart…


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