5G and the Opportunity for Dedicated Device Fleets

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Authored by Vikram Kapoor and Radha Kiwalkar

According to the Cisco Annual Internet Report– 5G connections appeared in 2019 and will grow over 100-fold to 1.4 billion by 2023. 5G connectivity is evolving into a strong contender for mobile connectivity leaders, driven by the growth of mobile IoT (Internet of Things). By 2023, there will be 11% of devices and connections with 5G capability. 

The rise of the mobile workforce accelerated by the pandemic has prompted businesses to adopt mobile devices and automation technologies. The ability to remotely manage and access files and apps is now mission-critical, and the 5G network’s higher speed greatly improves this use case. The rollout of 5G isn’t just another iteration of wireless innovation. It has the potential to join the handful of technologies through history that transform industries across every sector of the economy, elevating living standards and accelerating global economic growth. 

Benefits of 5G…


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