7 Myths About Custom Android Devices: Commercial vs. Purpose-Built Android

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As you define the requirements for a commercial, single-use (COSU) Android deployment, it can be challenging to select the right hardware. There’s no shortage of options, including the choice to build or buy your devices – or, choosing between commercial vs. custom Android hardware. 

Building vs. Buying Android Devices

Commercial devices is a term used to refer to any consumer-grade Android deployed to an enterprise use case, including hardware locked to Android kiosk mode. These may also be referred to as off-the-shelf devices.

Custom Android devices are purpose-built devices for enterprise use cases that are typically developed in partnership with chipset vendors,  Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or Original Design Manufacturers (ODM). These may also be referred to as purpose-built devices.

Organizations often believe that custom Android is a product roadmap risk, since it can be hard to control cost, quality, and outcomes when you’re working with an…


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