A Look Inside the Esper Device Lab

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The DroidDevCast is a weekly podcast brought to you by the team at Esper, where we explore all things Android, mobile DevOps, and open source software development. On this episode, Esper Platform Evangelist and podcast host Rin Oliver sat down with Esper Vice President of Technical Sales Keith Szot to discuss the ever expanding Esper device lab, and to learn more about the philosophy behind creating such a space. From a developer perspective, there are many benefits to having an on-site device lab, such as the ability to reproduce customer errors and debug them on the exact device a customer is using, experimenting with new devices, and much more.

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Why Esper Built its Device Lab

As an electrical engineer by training, Szot learned how to operate and broadcast on a ham radio at age 12. The Esper device lab is, by extension, a place that he loves to spend time in. Bridging the gap between hardware and software, the device lab…


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