Android Continuous Integration and Deployment Tutorial

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High-performance continuous integration can double your Android development productivity. Here’s how you can set it up in minutes, not days.

As we work on an Android app, we test our code regularly — hopefully with the help of automated tests. And when it’s time to release a new version, we assemble the source code into an APK or AppBundle format which we deploy into the Google Play Store.

It seems like a simple process, but there are several other steps involved, like signing the package and updating the version code and name.

After a while, going through this process manually gets very tedious and tiring, so how can we automate this process?

Enter Semaphore

Semaphore is the fastest continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) service which helps you automate your workflow by building, testing, and deploying your Android project. This way you can focus on what matters: your code.

In this tutorial we will explain how to set up Semaphore…


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