Architects are focused on the wrong end of multicloud

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Good multicloud architects are hard to find. Most of those calling themselves multicloud architects really just specialized in a single hyperscaler and found that things turned multicloud quickly, so they did as well. It’s called “multicloud washing.”

Creating the right multicloud solution, one that is nearly fully optimized, requires that you focus more on what’s between the public clouds, and not what’s in them. This requires a new level of understanding that most cloud architects don’t have yet, but that will change quickly during the next few years.

A few principles are emerging around configuring, building, and deploying a multicloud architecture. At the core is the missing focus on the resulting operations, which is where most multicloud designs get in trouble.

It’s one thing to define a multicloud, which is a complex array of technology, including common services such as security, governance, monitoring, data management, etc. It’s…


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