Are Restaurants Losing More Customers By Ignoring Mobile Security?

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40% of Restaurants Cut Corners on Mobile Security for Devices, Self-Service Kiosks, but recovery after a mobile security incident isn’t cheap or quick.

The Big Idea

  • 40% of restaurants have knowingly sacrificed mobile security for the sake of speed or convenience.  
  • Nearly two-thirds of restaurants wait until after an incident to invest in mobile security, even though 80% of customers defect post-data breach. 
  • Building security into restaurant mobility requirements can protect your business from the latest industry threats and gaps in cloud restaurant POS solutions.

88% of Casual Dining and QSR Restaurants are Mobile

Mobile is no longer an optional part of the restaurant customer experience. Restaurants are rushing to go mobile and purpose-built apps and devices are driving operating efficiency and customer loyalty. According to Verizon’s 2020 Mobile Security Index (MSI), 88% of restaurant frontline employees use mobile devices to compete on the customer experience….


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