Automated Testing: The Cornerstone of CI/CD

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In the Italian language, there is a single word for computer science: Informatica. It is a portmanteau of “informazione automatica” and, as you may have already spotted, it means something like information automation.

Automation is a pillar of information technology. Among experienced software professionals, it becomes instinctual. Every time you find yourself doing the same job over and over again, the desire to write a script and automate a repetitive task asserts itself.

This attitude is key for software developers, but sometimes things get overcomplicated. Then, automation becomes difficult, and manual work becomes necessary. This article describes what automated testing is, the path to a fully automated test suite, and the challenges that lie along the way.

What is automated testing?

Like any other material good, software needs to be tested before reaching the customer. The obvious way to test something is to use it for a while to make sure it behaves as…


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