Cloudflare hopes lack of outbound data fees will convert AWS S3 users to its R2 storage service

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Cloudflare is seeking to entice enterprises to use its new R2 object storage service instead of dominant rival Amazon Web Services’ S3 service. The enticement: no “outrageous” charges to move data out of its storage to external services. AWS S3 is known for such egress charges, which can lead to some pretty shocking bills if you aren’t careful.

Rival cloud giants Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud charge similar egress fees for data as AWS does. But—unlike AWS—both Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud substantially discount egress charges for their mutual Cloudflare customers, Cloudflare executives wrote in a July 2021 blog post. InfoWorld has asked AWS for comment on the issue but has not received one.

The big cloud providers don’t charge a similar fee for bringing data in to their cloud, so critics see the egress charges as a means of vendor lockin.

With the release of R2—which isn’t a Star Wars reference but is actually just one letter and…


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