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A lot of times, while developing mobile applications we realize that we have to solve the same problem time and time again. The solution to this issue is to extract the solution from a library so it can be re-used in other projects.

When we do this in an Android project we’re faced with a choice: creating an Android library or a Java/Kotlin one.

If our solution depends on an Android framework, graphic resources or AndroidX libraries, then we’ll choose an Android one. If, on the other hand, we don’t depend on any of these things, we can create a library for all the JVM that we’ll be able to re-use on other projects, like desktop applications or even backends.

Publishing multi module Android libraries

But, what do we do if our solution can be implemented without dependencies to Google’s ecosystem, but having them would ease its implementation in Android?

We can find various solutions to this issue:

  • If we don’t see any chance of it being used outside of Android, we can…


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