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Complete Guide To Fluid Typography With CSS Clamp

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May 20, 2021

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Web developers often find themselves tangled with complex web designs. They usually spend days figuring out a CSS grid arrangement or managing a vertical navigation bar. Professional or novice, both developers are fascinated by the smooth transitional design and Javascript functions that create wonders on the web page.

But in this endeavour of observing the bigger picture, they often miss out on an element that is easy to ignore in development but plays a vital role in making an impact on the user. This element is the typography of the website. Typography may not be the core point of the web design during the initial development days (or final). Still, subconsciously, typography determines whether the reader would be comfortable in reading the content or not.

After all, what’s the use of a complex design when the user can’t even read what is written on the web page? But this post is not about typography and its techniques. This post will take you one step…


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