Complete Guide To Lazy Load Images For Better Website Performance

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The pandemic of 2019-2020 made us all lazy. With no option but to sit at home, 35.82% of us gained weight in that phase, thanks to our laziness. Fortunately, that phase gives us an excellent chance to understand a somewhat similar concept in web development. So, how do you define the term “lazy”? While Google says, “Unwilling to work”, I can rephrase it to “not willing to work until necessary”. Until it is extremely necessary for a lazy person to move to another place than that lousy couch, they will stick to it.

Similarly, in CSS we call lazy images those images that are not willing to be fetched from the server to the client (from couch to the place X in our analogy) until it’s extremely necessary. Lazy images will serve as the center point of this blog. The post will revolve around encouraging the developers to make more and more images lazy in contrast to real life. The main attractions that will throw a bit of light on what these lazy load…


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