Converting Postman API Tests to JMeter Scripts For Load Test

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Postman is widely used tool for API testing . Testers discover endpoints, make requests, create test data, run regression testing, implement continuous integration of API testing by using Newman and much more. However, Postman has certain testing limitations. Developers, DevOps and QA engineers who want to gain more load testing abilities can convert their Postman tests to JMeter. This blog post will explain when it is recommended to convert Postman to JMeter, and a step by step explanation of how to do it.

Postman API Testing Limitations


Postman tests don’t scale. If you have many requests in your collection, Postman/Newman will be executing them with 1 thread (user) and sequentially, instead of with multiple threads and in parallel.

Performance Testing Capabilities

Postman is not suitable for API performance testing due to scalability limitations. Performance tests require running tests for multiple threads (users) at the same time, to check that your…


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