Don’t stop your migration!

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Are you planning an application migration? Perhaps you are moving your on-premises application to the cloud, or perhaps you are moving your monolithic application to a service-oriented or microservice architecture.

Migrations such as these are commitments. Commitments of time. Commitments of resources. Commitments of mind-set and corporate energy.

Migrations are not easy to pull off.

Migrations can involve long and evolved transitions, and usually, the effort expended does not directly align to a realized benefit. Often the benefit comes much later than the investment. Sometimes things even get worse before they get better.

It’s tempting to want to quit the migration early.

Who would ever want to do that? It seems crazy, but it happens. Moving from a monolith to a service architecture, but stopping not long after the migration has begun, leaves the application in worse shape than before starting the migration.


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