E2E Headless Browser Testing Using Nightwatch JS

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Headless browsers are gaining popularity as a viable option for testing web applications. As we all know, web browsers are an integral part of automation testing using Selenium Webdriver. While performing Selenium automation testing, Selenium launches the corresponding browser defined in the script during the test run and then executes test steps. However, issues like the slow rendering of web pages can be a potential issue that can delay the test execution speed. As a solution, headless browser testing was introduced to speed up test execution time.


In this article, we will talk about headless browser testing along with its advantages and limitations. We will also look into scenarios where headless browser testing should be adopted or avoided. Furthermore, we will also check out to achieve headless testing in one of the most in-demand automation testing frameworksNightwatch.js. By the end, you will be able to run your tests successfully in popular…


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