Engineering Update: BuildKit 0.9 and Docker Buildx 0.6 Releases

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On July 16th we released BuildKit 0.9.0, Docker Buildx 0.6.0, Dockerfile 1.3.0 and Dockerfile 1.3.0-labs. These releases come with bug fixes, feature-parity improvements, refactoring and also new features.

Dockerfile new features


There is no installation needed: BuildKit supports loading frontends dynamically from container images. Images for Dockerfile frontends are available at docker/dockerfile repository.

To use the external frontend, the first line of your Dockerfile needs to be pointing to the specific image you want to use:

# syntax=docker/dockerfile:1.3

More info:

RUN command now supports --network flag

RUN command supports --network flag for requesting a specific type of network conditions (host, none, default). This allows the user to disable all networking during a docker build to ensure no network is used, or opt-in to explicitly using the hosts network,…


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