Esper Pipelines: Building a DevOps Culture

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In our previous blog, What is Android DevOps? How does it work? We looked at how DevOps is a combination of deployment and operations, including a scalable mobile infrastructure and automation features. This blog will dig deeper into the ins and outs of what are Pipelines and how they help build the foundation for a DevOps culture. 

Pipelines are an essential element of our client’s ability to deliver delightful customer experiences through continuous improvement for their end-users. We’ve built our Pipelines with update control and risk mitigation in mind to ensure that teams of all sizes — even those with limited technical support — can successfully deploy content to a controlled set of devices. 

Pipelines are a DevOps process that allows IT admins to perform continuous integration (CI) and continuous development (CD) to devices in a process-oriented way. It enables engineers to ship updates faster by automating processes efficiently and securely across the…


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