Esper Release Notes – Dev Rel 32

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First, a small housekeeping detail for anyone who’s paying super-close attention. We skipped DevRel #28 – 31 to match our sprint numbering. 

DevRel 32 includes a number of improvements to the Esper customer experience, security, and administrative capabilities:

  1. Group-Specific User Roles
  2. New Drop-Down UX for Logout & User Management
  3. Improved Password Validation
  4. Access Rejected Page Update
  5. Device Information: Last Seen
  6. Commands for Group App Installation and Uninstallation
  7. Schedule Install Times for Group Apps
  8. Apply Compliance Policy to Group(s)
  9. Improvements to Device List View
  10. Device App Installation Page Improvements
  11. Email Subscription Added to Reports
  12. Enroll Screen Moved to Apps | Play Store
  13. Improved Provision Template UX 
  14. Apps List in Drop Down Fix

Group-Specific User Roles 

Many of our customers have group-specific users who require limited admin-level access for one group without needing fleet-wide administrative capabilities.

We’ve added new user role permissions to…


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