Esper Release Notes – DevRel 55

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DevRel 55 is a minor release with bug fixes to improve the existing functionalities. We have made updates to the Wi-Fi access point, time zone settings, and some other features. Here is a quick list of what’s released:

  • Automatically set time zone based on the location
  • Password restriction for Wi-Fi access point

1) Automatically Set Time Zone Based on the Location

You can now have the time zone on a device set based on its location for devices that do not support cellular data to obtain time zone information. Initially, these devices would display the time based on the time zone set in the template while provisioning, or else they would choose a default set by the device manufacturer. The time zone for devices can also be manually changed remotely. However, when the automatically set time zone feature is enabled, the time zone is automatically adjusted based on the device’s location. Please contact Esper support if you want to enable this feature across your device…


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