Esper Release Notes – DevRel 65

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With improvements to the Console’s Content Management and Alerts section, faster Google app updates, and a new feature for selecting device language, Esper releases DevRel 65. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added device language setting for a template
  • Added new screen time-out options
  • Faster update of Google applications
  • Ability to push a file to multiple SD cards at the same time

Added Device Language Setting for a Template

We have added a new setting, ‘Device Language’ while creating or editing a template, but it will be implemented only when using the 6-Tap QR Code method or the Android for Work (AfW) method. As of now, the user cannot set the device language post-provisioning.

Note: This language setting will not be applied when provisioning the device using the device provisioner or seamless provisioning.

Added New Screen Time-out Options

We have added 60 minutes (1 hour) and 120 minutes (2 hours) as 2 new drop-down options for screen time-out.



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