Esper Release Notes – DevRel 67

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In DevRel 67, we have changed the Esper settings and Templates and improved the App section on the Console. Here is a list of what’s new:

  • Extended Bluetooth support in the Device’s Esper setting app
  • Ability to add a large number of IMEI/serial numbers to a provisioning template

Extended Bluetooth Support in the Device’s Esper Setting app

The Bluetooth setting, which will behave similar to the Android Bluetooth setting, is added under the Device’s Esper Setting App to pair, connect and turn On/Off Bluetooth. For security reasons, in Android 9 and above, we can’t take the users to Android settings when they click Bluetooth. Rather, Esper Setting Bluetooth is launched. You can connect devices like headphones, mouse, and keyboards but can’t connect mobile phones and laptops. The scan button on the bottom right will allow searching to show nearby devices. Click the ‘Connect’ button to pair the device, and the connection will happen immediately.

However, in…


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