Executing a cloud-to-cloud migration

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September 06, 2022

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Cloud-to-cloud migration is not for the faint-hearted. But after a business merger or acquisition it’s sometimes a necessary step.

This post looks at our work for Zego, a provider of flexible insurance solutions for business vehicles. Zego has an established presence on AWS and following its acquisition of vehicle insurance telematics specialist Drivit, a cloud-to-cloud migration of Drivit’s Azure-hosted platform was initiated. Having all systems and applications on AWS was essential to maximise consistency and cohesion. However, as with any cloud-to-cloud migration, there were extreme technical complexities to contend with. We were appointed to handle the process.

Moving tens of millions of datafiles from Azure to AWS

One specific challenge centred on Drivit’s use of Azure Blob to receive and process data about driver habits. As part of the migration, this aspect of the platform was rewritten to make use of AWS S3 uploads which simplified data flow….


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