From Compose to Kubernetes with Okteto

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Today we’re featuring a blog from Pablo Chico de Guzmán at Okteto, who writes about how the developers’ love of Docker Compose inspired Okteto to create Okteto Stacks, a fully compatible Kubernetes backend for Docker Compose

It has been almost 7 years since the Docker Compose v1.0.0 release went live. Since that time, Docker Compose has become the dominant tool for local development environments. You run one command and your local development environment is up and running. And it works the same way on any OS, and for any application.

At the same time, Kubernetes has grown to become the dominant platform to deploy containers in production. Kubernetes lets you run containers on multiple hosts for fault tolerance, monitors the health of your applications, and optimizes your infrastructure resources. There is a rich ecosystem around it, and all major providers have native support for Kubernetes: GKE, AKS, EKS, Openshift…

We’ve interacted with thousands of developers…


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