How enterprises are bringing pandemic-driven cloud costs under control

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To the concern of finance officers everywhere, the quick issuance of stay-at-home orders during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic gave IT teams the authority to quickly scale up cloud usage to meet a rapidly changing set of employee and customer needs, almost overnight. In fact, cloud spending outpaced on-premises investments for the first time ever in 2020, marking a tipping point in enterprise consumption of cloud services.

Now, as the end of the pandemic hopefully comes into view, the party might be coming to an end, and cloud cost optimization will be on the agenda for many organizations as purse strings tighten.

“At the start of the pandemic, people were focused on getting stuff working. The cost of cloud was on the back burner,” 451 Research analyst Owen Rogers told InfoWorld. “Over the past three months there has been increased interest in managing that cost and optimizing for the future. The thing I am less sure about is when the dust…


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