How Esper Leverages DevOps Best Practices for Device Management

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Traditional EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) vendors push releases using a waterfall release model, resulting in infrequent releases to customers. That’s a long time to wait for new features and updates, especially when you have devices in the field that both you and your customers depend on every day for business operations. But that’s the issue. Traditional EMM is not built to be flexible enough for evolving customer use cases in the dedicated device market — it is built to lock down corporate data on employee mobile devices. 

That’s why we say Esper isn’t “just MDM.” Yes, we offer traditional EMM / MDM (Mobile Device Management) features like app management, kiosk mode lockdown, and precise device configuration, but DevOps for Android is our core. Because device-dependent businesses don’t just need to manage their devices — they need to innovate on their applications, deploy regular updates, and leverage user data to make informed decisions.

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