How Run Selenium Tests in Jenkins Using Maven

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Jenkins is the leading open-source continuous integration tool developed by Hudson lab. It is cross-platform and can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Solaris environments. Jenkins is written in has taken the place as one of the best open-source tools that allow continuous integration and build management.

A quick summary of this blog post is listed below:

  • An overview of the tools chosen for setting up the framework: MavenJUnitSelenium and Jenkins, and how they interact.
  • Adding all the dependencies and plugins needed for the tools to a Java project
  • Creating a Selenium test.
  • Integrating the created test into a continuous ecosystem using Jenkins.

Why Jenkins and Selenium?

  • Running Selenium tests in Jenkins allows you to run your tests every time your software changes and deploy the software to a new environment when the tests pass.
  • Jenkins can schedule your tests to run at specific time.
  • You can save the execution history and Test Reports.
  • Jenkins supports…


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