How to Automate EBS Snapshot Creation, Retention and Deletion

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It is very important to have data backups on the cloud for data recovery and protection. EBS snapshots play an important role when it comes to backup of your ec2 instance data (root volumes & additional volumes).

Even though snapshots are considered as “poor man’s backup”, it gives you a point in time backup and faster restore options to meet your RPO objective.

Towards the end of the article, I have added some key snapshot features and some best practices to manage snapshots.

AWS EBS Snapshot Automation

Snapshots are the cheapest and easiest way to enable backups for your EC2 instances or EBS volumes.

There are three ways to take automated snapshots.

  1. EBS Life Cycle manager
  2. Cloudwatch Events
  3. Lambda Functions.

In this tutorial, I will guide you to automate EBS snapshot creation and deletion using all three approaches.

EBS Snapshot Automation with Life Cycle manager

EC2 lifecycle manage is a native AWS functionality to manage the lifecycle of EBS volumes and snapshots.

It is…


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