How To Deal With “Element is not clickable at point” Exception Using Selenium

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Any automation testing using Selenium (or Cypress) involves interacting with the WebElements available in the DOM. Selenium test automation framework underpins a diverse set of locators that are used to identify and interact with any type of element on the web page. For example, ID, name, className, XPath, cssSelector, tagName, linkText, and partialLinkText are some of the widely used Selenium Locators that help you interact with the elements on the web page. These locators help you perform any type of web element interactions using Selenium.


Identifying the elements may be an easy task, but your tests might fail due to the state of the WebElement (e.g., not visible, not clickable, etc.). As a test automation engineer, it is important to consider these things to build a fool-proof test automation strategy.

In such cases, the tests might throw different types of exceptions like NoSuchElementException, ElementNotVisibleException, etc. This is often caused as the WebElement on…


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