How to do Advanced Android Configuration for Provisioning with Esper’s JSON Settings

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Authored by Dale Riechert and Nikhil Punathil

TLDR: If you’re looking for even more advanced Android configurability than available in Esper’s standard Provisioning Template options, we’ve got you covered. You can with our easily customizable JSON Settings. This blog will tell you how.

When using an Esper Provisioning Template in the Esper Console to define the specified configuration of Android devices for enrollment, most of the important Android settings can be chosen seamlessly through the template when you look under the Compliance Policy and Settings sections. However, there is a lot more possible with Android that if shown in our Console UI would lead to clutter and confusion for the vast majority of our users.

Rather than restrict our customers to only the important settings, we came up with an advanced means to access the whole set of Android settings using an easily customizable JSON configuration. Here’s the tradeoff – any configuration made using this…


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