How To Generate Code Coverage Report Using JaCoCo-Maven Plugin

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Code coverage is a software quality metric commonly used during the development process that lets you determine the degree of code that has been tested (or executed). To achieve optimal code coverage, it is essential that the test implementation (or test suites) tests a majority percent of the implemented code.

There are a number of code coverage tools for languages like Java, C#, JavaScript, etc. Using the best-suited code coverage tool is important to understand the percentage of code tested and take appropriate actions to ensure that you achieve the ideal code coverage!

For optimal code testing, many companies use the JaCoCo-Maven plugin that helps generate detailed code coverage reports. JaCoCo-Maven plugin is a free code coverage library for Java projects. It is based on the study of existing integration libraries that were created by the EclEmma team. At a larger extent, code coverage does give a brief overview of the product quality as higher the coverage, lesser are the…


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