How to get a maxed-out cloud budget

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“No bucks, no Buck Rodgers,” is a quote from the movie The Right Stuff. It comes to mind every time I see IT people attempt to do great things with technology on the cheap. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t advocate overspending on technology, and certainly not for cloud computing. However, there is a specific level of resources you need to make cloud computing work for your enterprise. The key is to identify that goal post and then figure out how to get it funded.

Speaking in generalities, the staff most knowledgeable about cloud computing usually have the least experience putting a project plan together or playing office politics. For a variety of reasons, they often make cost projection errors for the cloud projects they promote, thus their project falls short or fails altogether. Typically, the cost to fix the failed project is double the cost if it had been done right the first time.

For an enterprise’s first few cloud migration projects, the…


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