How To Handle Cookies in Selenium WebDriver

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Most of us use online platforms for doing things like online shopping, bill payments, ticket booking, and more. These online platforms (or websites) use cookies to identify whenever there is a new visit. On a lighter note, these are not cookies that you would normally see on your dessert menu 🙂 These are computer cookies (or HTTP cookies or web cookies).

In simple terms, a cookie is a packet of data received by your machine and sent back to the server without being altered or changed. For example, when you visit any website, cookies are sent to your machine by the website. Since these cookies contain information, it helps the website keep track of your visits or activity (without indulging in your privacy zone).



Website owners (e.g., online shopping portals) use cookies to keep a tab on your shopping cart while browsing the site. Without the presence of cookies, your shopping cart might become empty (or the item count would reset to zero) each time you open up a new link…


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