How To Handle Login Pop-up In Selenium WebDriver Using Java?

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Have you ever been asked for credentials while accessing a website on a browser? Let us understand why we are asked to fill up the credentials while accessing a few websites. This article mainly focuses on the introduction to authentication pop-ups on the website and the different ways to handle them using Selenium. Before we dive in deep and see how to handle login pop-up in Selenium WebDriver, let us first take a look at how the authentication pop-up looks on a website.

Let us navigate to a sample website. While accessing the website, the user would be prompted with a login pop-up. The user has to enter the username and password to further navigate into the site. Below is the screenshot of the authentication pop-up prompted on the website.

Why does this happen?

Some of the websites that have access to the servers require credentials to navigate further. Hence, while accessing these websites, the user would be prompted with an authentication pop-up to…


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