How to Lock Android Devices to Kiosk Mode with Esper’s Provisioning Templates

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November 17, 2019

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In our previous blog, we covered 3 approaches you can take to create Android apps in Kiosk mode and explored the pros and cons. We also learned about how to build Android apps in Kiosk mode using the Esper platform. Our task in this blog is to go through the next step in the process of managing your Kiosk strategy using Esper with the Provisioning Template. 

So, let’s jump right in!

With the Provisioning Template, Esper makes it straightforward to define the provisioning settings so that it can be reused and modified as needed. 

“You can create a Provisioning Template to provision any number of devices to ensure they are properly configured for a robust Kiosk mode implementation.”

Creating Your Provisioning Template

Now that you’ve uploaded your apk to Esper using the Android Studio Plugin (or the Esper Console, API, SDK, plus CLI – your choice!), putting your Kiosk devices into locked-down mode is very simple with the right choice of settings. The…


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