How To Make A Responsive Background Image Using CSS?

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Over the years working with web development technologies, I have seen responsiveness, CSS, and browser compatibility testing have become the clear winners of discussions. For someone who is just beginning their journey with web development, “responsiveness” is considered a synonym for web development with every line of code directed towards it.


Google trends show that the term “responsiveness” is so popular that it keeps touching the number 100 frequently.

Achieving the responsiveness of the written content is not that hard. A meta tag works most of the time with every device. For font sizes and font-weight on smaller screens, media queries work flawlessly too.

The problem comes with the images on a web page when it comes to developing a responsive website. Images are stubborn! They don’t like to adjust themselves to the screen sizes so quickly and require a lot of work from our side.

In the post about how to make responsive images on a…


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