How To Perform Automation Testing With Cucumber And Nightwatch JS?

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One of the key features of the agile way of software development is the combination of DevOps and automation testing. Test automation speeds up the testing cycle, aids in detecting bugs at an early stage, and helps in handling repetitive, time-consuming tasks at a faster pace. To ensure that quality is not compromised while leveraging the benefits of automated testing, adopting the right test automation framework and strategy becomes critical for the success of the project.


In this Cucumber test automation tutorial, we explore Nightwatch.js, one of the widely used JavaScript-based automation frameworks. We will also deep dive into Cucumber, a widely adopted automation tool that supports BDD (Behaviour Driven Development). By the end of this tutorial, you would be in a comfortable position to integrate Cucumber into the Nightwatch.js framework and build a robust BDD framework setup for performing Selenium automation testing.

So, let’s get started!



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