How to run selenium script in JMeter

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JMeter was originally built to provide an open source solution for load and performance testing. but JMeter can also be used for functional testing.

Selenium scripts can be executed in jmeter by selenium web driver.

To use Selenium Webdriver with JMeter, simply install “Webdriver Set” plugins. The WebDriver sampler is useful for testing the performance of AJAX, GWT-based Web applications, and simulated user actions.

Why needed?

With the advancement of technology, HTML5, JS and CSS improvements, more and more logic and behaviour have been pushed down to the client. Things that add to the overall browser execution time may include:

  1. Client-side Javascript execution – eg. AJAX, JS templates
  2. CSS transforms – eg. 3D matrix transforms, animations
  3. 3rd party plugins – eg. Facebook like, Double click ads, site analytics, etc

All these things add to the overall browser execution time,

This adds to the overall perceived performance of website/webapp, but this metric…


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