How to Safeguard Android Student Tablets for K-12 with SafeSearch

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Android devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal digital assistants, and laptops have enormous potential for K-12 education. Students of all ages can quickly adapt to the user-friendly Android Operating System (OS) to learn remotely, connect with educators, and pursue college and careers. 

The Road Ahead for the Education Industry

Currently, experts are uncertain if schools will reopen in Fall 2020. It’s likely that distance learning will play a role in global primary education for the foreseeable future to protect against disease transmission. Representatives from the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) agree with educators that it’s important to get kids back into the classroom as soon as safely possible. But, no one wants to expose students to pandemic risks. 

Luckily, Android mobile devices have the potential to improve global access to education in both pandemic and post-pandemic conditions. Deloitte research reports that educators, students, and…


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