How To Scroll a Page Using Selenium WebDriver?

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Selenium is one of the most widely used test automation frameworks for web automation testing. As far as the framework is concerned, Selenium WebDriver is the most vital component for carrying out automated browser testing. Before deep-diving into how to perform scroll operations (e.g. scroll down, scroll up, horizontal scroll, etc.) using Selenium, let us take a quick look at the hierarchy of classes and interfaces in Selenium WebDriver.

The Search context is the super interface in Selenium. The Remote WebDriver class implements the methods in WebDriver – search context interfaces, TakeScreenshot, and JavaScriptExecutor interfaces.

JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium is used to execute the code written in Javascript within the Selenium automation framework. This interface has two methods namely ExecuteScript and ExecuteAsyncScript which are used to execute the JavaScript code.

In this blog, we look at you how to perform scrolling actions on any webpage using…


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