How To Use Breakpoints For Debugging In Selenium WebDriver

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Automation testing is not always a smooth ride. There are cases where the tests would not work as expected, in which cases debugging the test code (or implementation) is the only way out! Debugging issues in tests become even more difficult if the test suite comprises a large number of test methods.

Like me, many QA engineers would co-relate to this situation when performing Selenium automation testing. There could be cases where we need to understand the memory allocation of the objects which cannot be physically seen from the outside. Though the call stack might help in such scenarios, digging deeper into the internals of the test code and/or the automation framework would be super beneficial.

In all the above scenarios, the process of debugging the code comes into the picture. As an automation engineer, our end goal is to ensure that Selenium WebDriver scripts are executed in the best possible time! However, debugging in Selenium WebDriver is a useful method that should be…


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