How To Use Deep Selectors In Selenium WebdriverIO

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WebdriverIO is one of the most popular automation testing frameworks that is extensively adopted by testers at a global level. It is an open-source progressive test automation framework built to automate web, mobile, and native desktop applications by leveraging the power of the Webdriver protocol. The framework is highly extensible and feature-rich, offering a wide variety of plugins to fulfill your requirements.

One of the key features of WebdriverIO that distinguishes it from the other frameworks in the market is its advanced smart selector strategies. Identifying a UI element on the application screen is the primary activity of any test automation framework, and for this, locators (or selectors, as addressed by WebdriverIO official documentation) are used.

In this Selenium WebdriverIO tutorial, we will focus on learning Deep Selectors or WebdriverIO selectors and how to use them when writing tests. Before beginning with WebdriverIO selectors, we will also briefly understand


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